Who are we

GREEN STAL is one of the biggest STEEL SERVICES CENTRES of the Romanian market with the HQ and warehouse located in Bucharest. The equity of the company is 100% Romanian. The company founded in 2008, has as main goal the distribution of high quality steel products, at the very low prices accompanied by outstanding services in the whole Romanian territory.

The people behind the GREEN STAL brand is young & talented and also, with a huge expertise in the field of metals trading. Day by day we strongly develop the operations of the company with huge passion and strong ambition. We have big knowledge in the area of steel trading (we are present in this field since early 2005, and we proudly represent the GREEN STAL brand for more than 8 years) and we carefully study all the inquiries from all of our partners. We are not a multinational organisation, with complicated hierarchy diagrams, we are just simple, honest and customer oriented. Any inquiry arrived from our partners receives immediately a technical proposal and a commercial offer. The same happens with the purchasing process performed from our suppliers.

During 2008-2017 period, GREEN STAL built its brand awareness on the fundamentals of promptness  & honesty and also on a humble approach in which it treats properly all its customers.

In all this time elapsed since the company was erected, we succeeded to deliver steel products at more than 1500 customers, this number being daily updated by us. The majority of these customers, which  purchasing weekly / monthly from our company, became the worth-trusted partners of our organisation. These  firms are located on the whole Romanian territory – from Constanta and Bucharest, till Timisoara and Satu-Mare. We continuously increased the products portfolio, we increased the market share and the coverage with our products at the national level, and also, we increased the number of active customers and sales volume.

GREEN STAL starts the year 2017 like a strong STEEL SERVICE CENTRE which is well-known in the entire Romanian territory for its high-quality products purchased from the most important mills located all over the world. All these companies proudly nominated GREEN STAL to promote and distribute their brands in Romania. Also, these big mills fully trust our organisation because they know our experience and our professional approach of the business.

All our suppliers located all over the world became very fast our partners and meantime our friends. All of them know that the process of purchasing which takes place at GREEN STAL is very simple and transparent. We believe in transparency and in friendship. Romania is one of the European economies which is developing very fast, and GREEN STAL is a trustful partner here in Romania.

We have more than 4000 tonnes of different steel products in our Bucharest warehouse, steel pipes, merchant bars, flanges, valves, fittings and so on. We are well known in Romania for our full range of steel products, most probably in this moment we are one of the biggest Romanian distributors active in the field of distribution of steel products. Also, the market knows us for our outstanding services and for our high-quality products. We deliver in 24-48h anywhere in Romania.

The core values of GREEN STAL are respect for all its partners, no matter if they are customers, suppliers and employees and honesty in all the actions performed by us.