Black round pipes hydro-tested (BPE)

GREEN STAL usually stocks at the Bucharest warehouse around 800 tonnes of black hydro-tested pipes normally used for transmission of fluid under pressure.


The hydro-tested pipes that we stock at the Bucharest warehouse are produced in accordance with  the following European Norms: EN10255 (medium and light series) and EN10217-1.

Till the diameter 165mm (inclusive) the pipes are produced in accordance with EN10255 (normal wall thicknesses, there are some exceptions like 60.3×2.6, 88.9×2.9, 114.3×3.2 and so on), above this diameter starting with diameter 168.3 the pipes are produced in accordance with EN10217-1. Please see the next section – Technical Specifications.

In order to see the chemical composition and mechanical characteristics for the steel welded pipes  – press here.

Application area:

Transmission of liquids under pressure

Dimensions of pipes:

  • External diameter: 21.3-406.4mm;
  • Wall thickness: 2.00-12.7mm;
  • Length of pipes: usually 6-12meters;
  • For diameters 21.3-101.6mm, the maximum length of the pipes is 7.5meter;
  • For diameters 114.3-406.4mm, the maximum length of the pipes is 13.6meter.

Type of pipes’ ends (extremities of the pipes):

Planned ends (chanfrenned or square cut);

Threads and couplings;

Grooved ends (made directly in the mills or in the Green Stal warehouse) ready prepared for assembly with the grooved fittings like Victaulic, Grinnell-Tyco and so on.

Mill test certificates (MTC):

All the pipes delivered by Green Stal have MTC issued by the mill and Declaration of conformity issued by Green Stal;

Function of the prior customers’ requests the Mill test certificate could be EN10204 2.1 or 2.2. or 3.1. or 3.2.;

Tests performed inside of the factories

  • Hydrostatic test (function of the diameter and wall thickness of the pipes) at 50bar;
  • Destructive tests on the pipe body;
  • Chemical analysis of composition;
  • Mechanical tests;
  • US control test (ultrasounds) on the welding seam – for the gas pipes;
  • Any other test requested by the production norm;
  • Bending test;
  • Eddy current test.

Protections and insulations on the pipe surface

  • External protection made from factory (oil rust protection, varnish, epoxy);
  • Hot dipped galvanisation (HDG);
  • RAL 3000 painting;
  • Insulation with polyethylene (PE).

Production standards

EN10255, EN10217-1, STAS 7656, EN10244, ISO65, ASTM A53, ASTM A795, ASTM A589.

Galvanising standards:

EN10240, EN ISO1461 (BS 729), ASTM A53, NFA 49-700, UNI 5745

Grooved ends are totally compatible with the Victaulic / Tyco norms;

Steel grades: S195T (for EN10255), P235-265TR1 and P235-265 TR2 (for EN10217-1), OL37, OL44, OL52, ST37, ST52, S235, S275, S355, Grade A, Grade B

Other quality certificates – by prior request: function of the customers’ request and prior to launch the order at GREEN STAL, we may have function of the stocks availability the following certificates for pipes: FM, NSF (National Safety Foundation), DVGW, UL/CUT, NDT and so on.

All the hydro-static pipes sold by GREEN STAL are tested at 50bars in the mill, thus function of the wall thickness of the pipes, nominal pressure (PN) could  be 5-25bars.